If you notice a "tip jar" (ACH - Army Combat Helmet) on the stage at one of our events, we raise money for the Freedom Alliance in lieu of accepting tips. The Mission of the Freedom Alliance is to advance the American heritage of freedom by honoring and encouraging military service, defending the sovereignty of the United States and promoting a strong national defense.

Freedom Alliance, a 501(c)3 educational and charitable foundation, was founded in 1990 by LtCol Oliver L. North, who now serves as the organization's honorary chairman. Simply put, donations go toward college scholarships for children whose parents have been killed or wounded in the line of duty. We felt this charity was appropriate considering Dan's 20 years in the Air Force, Ken's Navy service during Vietnam, and Scott's 2007 voluntary deployment to Iraq and ongoing active duty status as an Army veterinarian. Hooah!

Thank you from Til September and the Freedom Alliance! As of our last show at River Watch on November 25th, we've raised $3,736. Our goal for the year is $4,000! We've raised a total of $26,208 since we've started collecting donations. We look forward to your continued support and thank you again for your contributions that help these young people out.

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